Our specials right now are 50% of all of our Seeds.  We carry seeds by Botanical Interests and Baker Creek.  They are all Organic, GMO free, and most are heirloom.  We have the largest type of this selection in town.

We also have Supreme Perlite on Sale for $24.95 while supplies last.

An ongoing promotion we have is Exhale Co2 bags for $22 each, or two for $20 each every Tuesday.  We are the cheapest source of this product anywhere, and that’s a promise.

Another ongoing promotion we have is 10% off any Hood/Ballast/Light combo.  If someone buys a lighting setup, which consists of a Hood, a Ballast, and a Light, they not only get 10% off the setup, they get 10% off their entire purchase.

Finally, we manufacture and sell a lot of Compost Tea.  We sell it for $6 a gallon if you bring your own container, $8 if you need one from us. We use high quality ingredients supplied by Vortex.